The Nicholas and Chica Show

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog…so much has happened that distracted me. My basement flooded, my son turned 2, went on vacation,  my father-in-law passed away and interviewing schools/daycare.  I’m tired just writing that.

Our basement flooded 2 weeks before my son’s birthday party, which sent me into tears (yes, I’m ridiculous).  I had to change a few things up and have the party on our main floor.  All-in-all I was very pleased with how everything turned out.  He loves The Chica Show on Sprout so I ran with it…


The kids were invited to wear costumes to the party or visit “The Costume Coop” and use one of ours.

I really love the way everything turned out, despite our basement flood.  I owe some credit to Pinterest for the cool farm ideas.