What I did while we were snowed in Pt. 3

I have to say I’ve joined the chalkboard bandwagon. They are trendy but quite useful and convenient.

There’s a perfect spot in my kitchen and I found that we needed a central spot to post messages.

I did some research before starting to see what prep was necessary.

I used the Valspar brand which I’ve been very happy with. There was a recommendation to sand the wall first so the chalk glides smoothly. I tested the wall with chalk first and decided NOT to sand. It was smooth enough IMO.   

So I started… I could tell right away if definitely need 2 coats maybe 3.

coat 1, wet and dry

You can see how streaky it dries I was also using a brush, which created lines.

coat 2, totally wet

The second coat was fine with a roller. Major difference.

One thing I noticed is the more I rolled over a spot, the roller started to pick up paint from the wall creating these spots.

Once it dried (the next day), I went back over the spots with the roller and it was perfect.  It actually just looked like a flat black paint.

The only real recommendation I took away from my research was to prep or prime the wall with chalk. Do this so once you start writing and erasing, your wall actually looks dry like its a real chalkboard.
To do this just rub (not write) chalk across the board then erase the entire board. It will give it the worn, erased look. Initially I wrote words and once I erased them you could see the imprint. So I wiped it with water then rubbed!

Rub not write

For all 3 coats I only needed one can which came pre-mixed and only in the pint size. I still have about half a can left.

My recommendations:

  • Test your wall with the paint first (you may decide to sand it)
  • Use a brush for corners and edges then a roller for the middle. It’s easier and smoothes the paint better so you don’t get streaks
  • Do at least 2-3 coats
  • Once dry, rub (don’t write) when “prepping” the wall. Erase the entire painted space.
  • To clean, just use a wet cloth

Here’s the major snow we got…

I love the family time but definitely not my season!


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